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Our favorite loaf

My family loves the 5-grain sourdough -- it is multi-grain but maintains the excellent flavor of Journeyman's Sourdough's! I strenuously recommend folks never order it pre-sliced and slice each slice at least 5/16" thick. Makes the best grilled cheeses with a swiss/gruyere or a nice sharp cheddar!

Cranberry & Walnut
Cranberry Walnut is amazing

I always loved when my favorite NYC restaurants would serve cranberry walnut rolls prior to the appetizer, so when I saw this loaf on the menu, I had to try it. In a word: WOW! Absolutely loved the flavor of this loaf! There was no skimping on the cranberries or walnuts. The density of the bread is just right. It had a great crust, too.

I enjoyed this for breakfast today with a very light schmear of whipped cream cheese. SO GOOD!!!

Bacon & Black Pepper Bread
Pain au Poivre?

I ordered this bread as it seemed quite a unique offering. It's not been on any menus that I've seen before. I'm so glad that I did! The outer crust dances that fine line between satisfying bite and chew. The bread inside is soft, which might suit better to toasting first? The aroma of the bacon was appetizing and subtle. While there's definitely a good amount of bacon, this doesn't stray into the "meat lovers" territory. It's definitely just the right amount, with none falling out from an abundance of greasy fat. The star of the show is definitely the black pepper, which is quite forward and lingering. Eaten on its own, this bread stands up without butter. For a sandwich, I'd recommend toasting – I've used two slices as a bun for an otherwise plain burger, and it all worked well together!

Great breads!

Love all your breads! My German mother would have loved the vollkoenbrot!

Deli Rye
Brilliant Rye Bread

I've been looking for a great sandwich rye since I moved up from Flatbush. Journeyman knocked it out of the park. Just the right balance of rye and caraway; chewy yet pliant, perfect crust. Now, I need to find myself some good pastrami.

Incredible flavor. This is a staple in our home. Thank you!


These really are the best cinnamon rolls I've ever had!! So delicious... words can't even describe!! You need these in your life!😃

Amish Dinner Rolls (One Dozen)

The Amish rolls are completely and utterly addictive. Be warned....

So delicious

I have to say...this is probably my favorite of all the Journeyman breads (I think I have tried nearly every one at this point). This five-grain sourdough is the perfect bread for just about anything. Toast, sandwiches, cheese, whatever. It's hearty and yummy and has just the right blend of grains. I can't get enough of it. I like to keep a loaf frozen so there's one on hand at all times.

Great crust, easy to work.

Definitely defrost overnight, and bring to room temp before working, it makes a huge difference in how it cooks!
Excellent flavor, and hard to get wrong. Cannot recommend enough.

Deli Rye

This is how ryebread is supposed to taste. Memories of childhood with this bread. Love it! And BTW it freezes well!

Literally the best thing I've ever eaten in my entire life

This cinnamon roll, it is everything. It is simply the best cinnamon roll ever created. It is also the best thing I've ever eaten. I want to redo my wedding day and not have cake and just have these. Truly unbelievably delicious.

Bacon & Black Pepper Bread
Could use more bacon & less pepper

I am extremely fond of most of the breads here but this one missed the mark a bit. The texture was a bit off, expected it to be a bit more moist. The pepper was way too over powering that it actually made me cough. Unless you use this for a sandwich, it is just not edible. I hate to leave a bad review since as I mentioned, I loved all the other breads I've tried here. I was just expected so much more from this one especially that it had BACON in it. Who doesn't love bacon?!

Thanks for your review. It's true that the black pepper was a bit strong when we debuted the bread several weeks ago. We have since toned it down and added additional roasted bacon. However, it helps to be a fan of black pepper because the loaf remains pretty spicy. Please stop by the bakery and mention your review and I'd be happy to give you a free replacement loaf to try our new version. We are offering it again this week (December 5) if you happen to be in the area. Thanks again!

Caramelized Onions, Figs, Bacon and Goat Cheese Pizza

We LOVED the Fig Goat Cheese Pizza! My daughter & I ‘hoovered’ TWO of them!! Hope you make your Pizzas a regular item!

Margherita Pizza
Outstanding pizza!

Carmel used onion, fig and goat cheese- deeeelicious!


Incredible! The challenge is to not tear off the end and eat part of baguette as soon as I get back in the car! The crust is amazing.

Honey Spelt
Like whole wheat, but better

Very tasty with a nutty flavor. Good for sandwiches. Thanks.

Bacon & Black Pepper Bread
Just. Wow.

If you love black pepper, you’ll love this bread. The bacon is delicious but the pepper brings me back slice after slice.

Corn Bread
So delicious

This was so different than I was expecting, but really delicious. Perfect for a turkey sandwich.

Amish Dinner Rolls (One Dozen)
Best rolls ever!

I'm sure there was a tear in my eye last year when I ate the last on of these babies. I'm not going to try to explain this roll because you wouldn't believe me. If you want to thrill your guests order a few dozen. Trust me... You'll want MORE!!!

Pumpkin Harvest Sandwich Bread
Amazing aroma and chewiness!

This bread is superb for a fall-flavored PB&J. It is hearty and slightly sweet and smells amazing.

Parmesan & Asiago Cheese Bread
Really fantastic and cheesy

This bread is a favorite for toasted sandwiches at our house. It has fantastic umami flavor! Give it a try!

Sourdough Seed Bread

This seeded sourdough is my absolutely favorite bread. The crust is so crunchy and tasty... it’s delicious toasted or untoasted, plain, with butter or for sandwiches , it is my all-around favorite!!!!


Fresh and Tasty....would recommend!

Best cinnamon rolls and sticky rolls

These were amazing! Best cinnamon rolls and sticky rolls we ever had. We even froze some from last week and warmed it up a week later and it was excellent! Very moist and good flavor!