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As always, a great class and delicious pizza - and baguettes!

Super delicious and pillowy soft

This bread is fantastic! Loved every bite. Toasts just as described, nice and crunchy exterior with a nice soft interior.


Love the breads. Fingers crossed for a English muffin loaf in the future.

Also, I notice the loafs are delivered in an additional plastic bag. I am totally fine if you were to leave me the loaf in the main single plastic bag packaging. We like to cut down on single use plastic whenever possible.

I would love to get the apricot/fennel bread in next delivery

Best Bread!

I am so glad we found Journeyman Bread. The Bread is fantastic. No more buying store bread!


Really great bread. This is a delicious hearty bread that works well with spreads and sandwiches. This will become a regular in our bread rotation.

It's all about the bread

The Journeyman never disappoints. The Five-Grain Sourdough was delicious. The Danish Dinner Rolls, were so soft and buttery; probably could've eaten a dozen by myself.


We are very happy with the service and bread, so much that we’ve started to spread the word to our immediate neighbors. Thank you so much for such great bread (and service!). The fig walnut sourdough is my favorite so far.

So satisfying

Enjoyed this grain-y bread so much. Love the chewy texture, a nice healthy bread great for toast and sandwiches.

Cranberry & Walnut Bread...another winner

We love all Journeyman breads and this one is yummy too. It’s a great breakfast bread plain or with cream cheese and makes a turkey sandwich special.

Best Bread Ever

I don’t think we will ever be able to go back to store bought bread again.

Love the Cinnamon Raisin Swirl

This was a special breakfast treat that was not only delicious but beautiful to look at. You won’t want any other after you have tasted this one. Great with cream cheese, toasted with butter, or made into French toast!

Bread Baking 101 CANCELED
Bread Baking On March 17 th, 2019

Girls afternoon Bread Crafting 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻
Looking Forward to the Fun 🥖🥮🎉

Yummy Bread!!

The first loaf we got was delicious, we can't wait for the next loaf!!

Lovely & different

I like the variety and quality of each bread. I like that I can have a loaf every other week rather than every week.
I am excited to see which bread I get. I opted for Baker's Choice so that I hopefully get to try the gamut of breads and to not box myself with "well, I know this, so I'll buy it." I want to have my bread palate expanded and I want to do with amazing bread. This subscription excels in both ways.

I have so far gotten:
Corn bread (x2)
Olive bread
Cinnamon Raisin bread
and a loaf not on the store list (and I cannot recall it despite just having it)

Obtain the grain...

This toasting bread was fantastic ♥️

The best bread EVER!

I can't imagine buying store bread after having Journeyman bread! It makes the sandwich or toast.

Great Gift

Wonderful gift idea for my sister!

Couldn’t be more pleased

Bread was so good - always a pleasure

Breakfast breads

I can’t live without it. Period. Yes, every single loaf is that good.

Best Bread Ever

I gave the loaves of bread as a gift to my neighbors. They said it was so delicious, they had to freeze it so they would not eat it all in one sitting.
Will definitely buy again

Fabulous bread

Every bread is just so good - we love them all and can’t pick a favorite!

Delicious Bread

It's the great bread for toasting. But you know what's even better? Grilled cheese sandwiches on this bread. It's just amazing! Thank you!

Pain au Levain (Single Loaf)