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About Journeyman

Journeyman is a community supported bakery (CSB) located in Peekskill, NY that is focused on preserving the ancient tradition of bread baking while exploring the role bread plays in sustaining a community. Journeyman creates a mix of naturally leavened and yeasted breads using locally-milled flours from a variety of grains grown by organic and sustainable farmers in New York State. Please note: Journeyman Bakery is not a retail establishment. All bread must be ordered in advance and is delivered by the baker.

Journeyman’s “bread by subscription” model allows for a direct relationship between consumer and baker. It also minimizes waste by baking only the exact number of loaves needed on a daily basis. Like the popular CSA or “community supported agriculture” model, Journeyman’s customers commit in advance to purchasing several weeks of fresh bread that is then hand-delivered, resulting in a true farm-to-baker-to-table experience.

Journeyman Bakery, founded in 2015 by Michael Sellers, is committed to the education of future bread bakers by offering classes and demonstrations. Once a retail location opens in 2017, Journeyman will welcome customers as well as fellow bread enthusiasts by making its large oven available for communal baking projects.

Benefits of a CSB (Community Supported Bakery)

• Direct relationship between baker and consumer
• Supports sustainable local food production
• Bread is always fresh — there is virtually no shelf-time once the bread is baked
• Less overhead means lower costs, resulting in delicious bread at a fair price
• The community directly supports the person who bakes their bread