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"In the end it was the lack of dough, the green kind, that closed Journeyman Bakery."
Journeyman Bakery Closing August 22
The Peekskill Herald - August 10, 2021
"The River Towns are home to a smorgasbord of outstanding artisanal food and drink makers. Here are three more local, passionate crafters of high-quality tastiness. "
Loving Locavore – Saucy, Herby, Sour(dough)
River Journal - April 10, 2021
"Fresh bread, from Journeyman Bakery in Peekskill, is truly one of life's simple pleasures."
Editor's Obsessions: What We Can't Shut Up About
Westchester Magazine - February 01, 2021
"Michael Sellers is up early baking bread for his customers. That’s awesome!"
Journeyman on MSNBC
Way Too Early, MSNBC - October 21, 2020
"I kept thinking – what work can I do with my hands, and also benefits the community.” Michael Sellers, owner/baker at Journeyman Bakery"
A Journeyman’s Dream
Bake Magazine - August 06, 2020
"Get ready for the smell of fresh bread, Peekskill."
People of Peekskill
Peekskill Exurbanist - December 17, 2019
"An integral component of bread baking involves rising, which is accomplished by the addition of yeast. In the case of baker Michael Sellers, the yeast that contributed to the rising of his Journeyman Bakery business from ashes was Element 46, a Westchester County business incubator program that Sellers credits with “changing everything” for him."
Journeyman Bakery Rises From the Ashes
The Peekskill Herald - December 05, 2019
"Westchester County’s new Element 46 Incubator program got off to a fast start as nearly 100 business leaders were on hand for the official kickoff of the program that is designed to inspire and support entrepreneurial talent and the development of new businesses in the County."
Journeyman One of 12 Startups in Westchester County’s Element46, a New Small Business Incubator. - June 24, 2019
"Take note of the bread: It’s warm-from-the-oven sourdough made by Journeyman Bakery served with salted, freshly whipped butter. Definitely worth it, even if you’re watching your carbs."
Review: Peekskill's Fin & Brew Rocks Surf and Suds, Plus So Much More
Westchester Magazine - March 01, 2019
"Supermarket white bread has been ruined for us every since we tasted one of Michael Sellers perfect Pullman loaves with a tender-yet-structured crumb and just the tiniest hint of sweetness. It’s only available online or at area farmers’ markets, but totally worth it."
Nine Dishes We Really Loved in 2017
Westchester Magazine - January 29, 2018
"Journeyman Bakery Named 'Best New Bread Baker'"
Best of Westchester 2017
Westchester Magazine - June 30, 2017
"Journeyman baker brings bread from his house to yours."
Flour Power
Highlands Current - March 25, 2017
"We tried more than a hundred (!) loaves from local bakeries to find 12 we’d want to fill our bread boxes."
Our 2017 Guide to the Best Bread
Westchester Magazine - February 01, 2017
Journeyman's Vollkornbrot headlines the month of March!
Bread Bakers Guild of America, 2017 Calendar
"One Peekskill dough master is using the Internet to make homemade loaves a staple again."
Click Here For Fresh-Baked Bread
Westchester Magazine - July 25, 2016
"Two new artisan bakers are trying their hand at small-batch baking and selling directly to customers."
Where to Find the Best Artisan Bread in the Region
The Journal News - June 29, 2016
Best of Westchester 2017 - July 25, 2017
Element46 Startup Incubator - June 22, 2019
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Every loaf of bread I order from Journeyman Bakery is so fresh and delicious! The Cranberry & Walnut is particularly outstanding! Thank you so much for offering such high quality brea"
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Breads were great can't wait to try the next one. Cranberry Walnut so far is my favorite. The service is spectacular and it's so nice to have freshly baked bread. I look forward to being a long time customer."
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"I am a huge fan of both English muffins and crumpets, and this toasting bread is a wonderful alternative to both. It is airy, filled with wonderful nooks and crannies to nestle both butter and your favorite jam or preserves. And it manages to be both crunchy and soft at the same time after it’s toasted, and that in itself is pure magic. I cannot say enough good things about this bread or this company. Keep up the great work. I am a fan."
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